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Yorkville 115 Board of Education photo.

Jason Senffner is running as a write-in candidate for the Yorkville 115 Board of Education. He is the only candidate running for two open seats on the board.

In another district, there are three candidates running for two separate seats on the board which is comprised of members throughout the school district. Each district has a limited number of seats on the board.

Senffner says returning to normal after the COVID-19 pandemic presents the biggest challenge for the district. He thinks the district should continue to be innovative, but also continue doing what has worked so far.

Senffner agrees than a possible increase in enrollment in the district will also become a challenge in the future and says that Yorkville City Hall will play a role in helping the school district. Senffner says the city has done a good job in the past in making sure that developers pay into the school system when they move into town.

Senffner says the school district is heading in the right direction. He likes what the administration is doing.

Senffner was initially not planning on running for a third term, but changed his mind when he realized there would  be unfilled seats on the board of education. He says people should not be intimidated by the thought of being on the board.

Senffner is a teacher and coach with Oswego 308 School District.