Bart Olson 3 24 20

Yorkville City Administrator Bart Olson (file photo; photo by Tyler Bachman)

Yorkville City Administrator Bart Olson says progress is being made on some major road projects in and around Yorkville.

Several expansions to Route 47 both north and south of Yorkville are being designed by the Illinois Department of Transportation. Olson says portions of the improvements to a northern part of Route 47 around the area of Galena Road could reach construction this year

Also on the construction docket is a large portion of Route 71 between Yorkville and Ottawa.

There's also around $4.8-million set aside for the resurfacing of Route 126 between Route 71 and Will County. Olson expects that to be done over the next few years.

Olson also says he's heard an update from Kendall County about the Eldamain Road Bridge over the Fox River. Yorkville is not part of the project, but Olson says he gets a lot of questions about it.

Olson spoke about road updates and several other topics during his annual city update put on by the Yorkville Area Chamber of Commerce earlier this month. This year's event was held via Zoom.