Yorkville City Hall NEW

(File photo; WSPYnews.com photo by Tyler Bachman)

The Yorkville City Council on Tuesday approved the city's annual tax levy.

The city is requesting a total of $4,489,852. That breaks down into $3,554,858 for the city and $934,994 for the Yorkville Public Library.

Mayor John Purcell says the city portion of the tax bill isn't being raised, although it depends on the value of each individual property.

The levy request is a 3.75 percent increase over the previous levy or about $128,428.

While the city council ultimately approves the public library's levy, the two are essentially treated separately. City Administrator Bart Olson explained that the city council passes an ordinance to that effect.

In some other business, the city council is discussing the possibility of redistricting Yorkville. With the Census data now available the city could decide to add more aldermen and wards. City staff are working on a survey to get input from the public.

Mayor John Purcell has said that he thinks four wards with eight aldermen works just fine for the city.

Correction: An earlier version of this story said the levy was approved on Monday. It has been corrected to say Tuesday, November 23. We regret the error.