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(Pictured top left to right) Library Board Trustee Jason Hedman and Mayor John Purcell. (Pictured bottom) Library Board President Darren Crawford. (WSPYnews.com photos).

The Yorkville City Council on Tuesday voted to approve three appointments, made by Mayor John Purcell, to the Yorkville Public Library Board of Trustees over objections from current trustees.

Purcell says his issues with the current board began during a public meeting last month when a staff member said the library is not a place for young children. The library board had voted to end discussion on a proposal by the city to house the Yorkville Park District's preschool there. Purcell also takes issue with discussions the library board is having about becoming its own library district separate from the city.

Jason Hedman is one of the trustees who was replaced on Tuesday. He asked city council members to carefully consider their decision to approve Purcell's nominees for the board.

Three city council members voted against the nominees. Aldermen Chris Funkhouser and Jacquelyn Milschewski both said they felt the mayor should have been more transparent with his selections and should have opened up the process to the public to submit applications. Alderman Seaver Tarulis also voted against the nominees.

Mayor Purcell's nominees include Sue Shimp, Bret Reifsteck, and Tara Schumacher. They are replacing Jason Hedman, Julie Brendich, and Wamecca Rodriguez. Hedman and Rodriguez had both applied to stay on the board.