Yorkville residents will have a chance to learn about, and give feedback, on a new potential water source Tuesday at Yorkville City Hall. The city is hosting an open house from five to six at 800 Game Farm Road. City Administrator Bart Olson says people will have a chance to ask questions and give feedback. The current underground water aquifer the city is using as a water source is declining.

Olson says initial reports show that the Oswego Village Board is leaning toward purchasing water the DuPage Water Commission, which purchases and distributes Lake Michigan water from the City of Chicago. WSPY news recently reported on a straw poll of Oswego Village Board members showing the DuPage Water Commission as their preference.

Yorkville, Oswego, and Montgomery are looking into a new water source together.

In additional to the DuPage Water Commission, the city could go with the recently formed Joliet Area Water Commission which is also set to purchase water from the City of Chicago or build a water treatment plant to pull from the Fox River. Illinois American Water, a private company, could also provide Lake Michigan Water. With any water options, bills are expected to at least double.

Olson spoke about it during a water source update at last week's city council meeting.