Kendall County Courthouse

Kendall County Courthouse (Kendall County photo)

A Yorkville man has been sentenced to twelve years in prison on charges of aggravated battery and home invasion. 20-year-old Anthony Martin pleaded guilty and was sentenced in August.

A news release from the Kendall County State's Attorney's Office says the aggravated battery charge stems from an incident in 2020 in Plano. Martin, and three other people, were accused of attacking two brothers at the Walmart store on Route 34. Both victims suffered minor injuries from the attack.

In July last year, while Martin was free on bond, prosecutors say that he went to a home in Montgomery to confront a seventeen-year-old living there. The seventeen-year-old would not let Martin in. Martin is said have pulled a gun and was able to force the door partially open. Before Martin could get in, the seventeen-year-old stabbed him in the arm with a steak knife.

Martin got a two year sentence for the aggravated battery and a ten year sentence for the home invasion.