Yorkville City Hall NEW

(File photo; WSPYnews.com photo by Tyler Bachman)

Yorkville Mayor John Purcell is still working to fill the Ward 2 Alderman seat left vacant by the departure of Jackie Milschewski. Milschewski stepped down two weeks ago after twenty years of service to the city as city clerk and as an alderwoman.

Purcell says there is interest in the job.

Purcell says people can still submit an application via the city's web site or call the city to express interest. He says he's looking for someone involved in the community and who will speak their mind at city council meetings.

Purcell plans to start contacting people this week. He wants to have someone selected by the end of next month.

While mayor Purcell gets to select a candidate, their approval comes from a city council vote. Purcell says he's not anticipating any snags in getting someone appointed.

The candidate would fill the rest of Milschewski's term through May of 2023. If the appointee wants to keep the job after the term ends, they will have to run in the April 2023 election.