Tad and Charlene Johnson Court 7 11 18

(Far Right) Tad and Charlene Johnson were found not guilty in Kendall County Court on Wednesday afternoon. (WSPYnews.com photo by Tyler Bachman)

No witnesses were brought forth and a swift ruling of "Not Guilty" was made Wednesday in the cases of a Yorkville son and mother who were charged in what Yorkville Police Administration has classified as a, "police misconduct issue" from September of 2017.

In Kendall County Court on Wednesday afternoon, Judge Stephen Krentz acquitted Tad Johnson who was charged with Disorderly Conduct and Resisting a Peace Officer.

Charlene Johnson, who was charged with Resisting a Peace Officer, was also acquitted.

In March, Krentz issued a judgement to suppress a significant portion of evidence from the incident writing that Yorkville Officers Jeffrey Johnson, Christopher Hayes and Sgt. Sarah Klingel, "chose to escalate the conflict by insulting and taunting [Tad Johnson] who was obviously experiencing emotional distress."

Dash cam audio and the court finding brought into question the officers actions, including a statement by Officer Jeffrey Johnson who allegedly told Tad Johnson to "end his own life" after Tad Johnson was allegedly yelling obscenities and presenting the middle finger from inside the home.

Despite the judgement, the Kendall County State's Attorney's Office proceeded to a bench trial on Wednesday in both cases. Prior to the ruling, assistant state's attorney Ryan Phelps argued the Johnsons be found guilty.

The Johnson's attorney Liam Dixon reacted to the rulings speaking with WSPY's Tyler Bachman about the judgement from March and its impact on Wednesday's rulings.

Dixon said he could not comment on if the Johnsons planned to file suit against Yorkville Police, as he would not be representing them. Yorkville Police Chief Rich Hart told WSPY that an internal investigation continues into the actions of the officers.

You can view WSPY's previous report and view the dash cam video from the incident, here: