Jensen and Watkins 051121.jpg

Yorkville Chief of Police Jim Jensen (left) introduces intern Kendall Watkins (right) to the Yorkville City Council. ( photo by Ethan Kruger)

The Yorkville Police Department on Tuesday introduced its new intern to the city council. Kendall Watkins will spend the next six weeks learning about how the police department functions.

Chief of Police Jim Jensen says Watkins is a senior at Illinois State University who grew up in Yorkville. Watkins graduated from Yorkville High School in 2017 and played football for the school. Jensen says he wants to have more people from Yorkville serving with the police department.

Jensen says Watkins will explore a number of different roles within the Yorkville Police Department.

Deputy Police Chief Behr Pfizenmaier says Chief Jensen and Watkins both hold the title of Yorkville High School Homecoming King with about thirty years in-between.