(City of Ames, Iowa photo)

There have been several dog attacks in Yorkville in the past week or so. Both people and other dogs have been bitten in the attacks. Yorkville Deputy Police Chief Behr Pfizenmaier says people should be careful with having dogs loose in the yard. In one of the attacks, a pit bull terrier broke off a chain and bit a woman.

Pfizenmaier says any dogs in a public area need to be leashed.

Violators can be ticketed and fined if their dog gets loose and hurts someone.

Pfizenmaier says if a dog is deemed vicious there is process with animal control to take the dog. In some of the recent dog bite cases, the owners have surrendered their dogs. In some severe cases, a dog can be euthanized by a veterinarian.

Anyone who sees a loose dog can call police and should keep their distance.

Editor's note: This story has been changed after clarification from YPD that the dogs in recent attacks were not surrendered to police or animal control. One dog was euthanized by a veterinarian and another was given to an animal rescue organization.