Yorkville High School

(Yorkville CUSD #115 photo)

The Yorkville School District says claims that certain students were prevented from passing through hallways at Yorkville High School by other students who brought a pro-Trump political flag to school were unfounded.

Director of Communications and Community Engagement Kristine Liptrot says the district investigated the incident said to have occurred few weeks ago. Social media posts had claimed a student was scared to go school as a result.

"Yorkville High School Administration has been communicating with those students and parents involved," Liptrot said. Liptrot confirmed that a flag was brought to school.

"In no way was there threatening behavior or students being not allowed to continue through the hallway," says Liptrot

Political expression is allowed in the district.

"Of course students have the right to freedom of speech, Liptrot said, "they also are 18 and are voters in our community... They are not allowed to harass other students or make them feel uncomfortable in the school environment." 

WSPY news did confirm that a concerned parent had reached out the Grundy-Kendall Regional Office of Education about the incident, but was referred back to the school district. WSPY news also reached to one of the sources of the online posts, but did not hear back.