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Holden O'Donnell sits on some fire equipment. His mother, Kenda Heiss is hoping for the return of his medical vest used to treat cystic fibrosis which was stolen. (WSPYnews.com photo by Mark Harrington).

A small town where the good life is common just didn’t exist in Big Rock on Thursday night. People there are hoping common sense will right a wrong. 


In the darkness of the night, someone broke into Kendra Heiss’s car, which was parked on her driveway by the garage.


The loss of a wallet didn’t matter. 


But stealing a three-year boy’s medical vest, used to treat his cystic fibrosis, this mom hopes for a quick return. 

That’s a $20,000 vest for little Holden. 


Heiss, who is a lieutenant with the Big Rock Fire Department, said she thinks the thief thought the duffel-like bag contained something else than a medical vest. 


But there is still time for the thief to rectify the situation. That vest could be returned to the Big Rock Fire Department or the Congregational Church down the street.


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