Megann Horstead Photo

Cesare Bratta, senior vice president for Surf Broadband Solutions, delivers a presentation during a June 9 meeting of the Minooka Village Board Committee of the Whole. 

A new internet service provider could be looking to create competition with Xfinity Comcast and other providers servicing the village of Minooka. 

The company Surf Broadband Solutions made its pitch last week to members of the Minooka Village Board of Trustees during their Committee of the Whole meeting. 

Cesare Bratta of Surf Broadband Solutions says he would like to partner with the village to bring a fiber network to the community.

In exchange, the company would like the village to streamline the permit process.

Bratta says they are looking to serve as an alternative to Xfinity Comcast and other providers serving the community. Surf Broadband Solutions has coverage areas in Illinois, Michigan and Indiana, according to its website.

The company is already in the process of linking two Minooka schools to the fiber network.