Kendall 4-H Volunteer Spotlight: Mary Schobert

Volunteers are the backbone of the 4-H program. Why do you choose to volunteer with 4-H?

“I choose to volunteer because I know firsthand the impact 4-H can have on developing youth. I also believe that it’s an opportunity to ‘pay it forward’ and honor all the adults, parents, and community people that helped my generation succeed in 4-H. In the late 1960s, my mom was one of our club leaders. Such fond memories!”

“I also have the time flexibility. Before I retired from teaching, I could only be involved in the activities that fit into my school calendar. Now, I have two grandchildren in the 4-H program, I want to give them every opportunity for experiences I was afforded.”

There are many different ways to volunteer with 4-H. What role(s) do you choose?

“My role in the 4-H organization has expanded in the past 3 years. I became a 4-H leader with my friend Jodi Brummel.  We both had 4-H age ready grandchildren, with several more coming of age in the near future, so we said, ‘Now’s the time for us to give back.’ Our own kids have such fun memories of their experiences and were thrilled to see this Nana and Mimi take the reins.”

“Over the last 20 years, my husband and I also have been active members of our Kendall County 4-H Livestock Auction Committee. Our committee is very proud of our successful auctions. The accomplishments and results of this committee come from our loyal buyers and bidders in our community.  We have all worked hard on fostering this partnership over the years. I’m also a 4-H show superintendent for sewing and fashion revue, and I help with sewing workshops at the Extension office.”  

There are many program and activity choices for families. What makes 4-H special?

“What makes 4-H special are the people you get to work with. Being a lifelong learner is a concept that needs to be modeled at every age. The leadership opportunities and having the ability to explore possible new interests is monumental for growth and development.”

“I also enjoy seeing my grandchildren enjoying many of the same experiences that my own kids and myself had while in 4-H. I was in 4-H for 10 years, as well as my son Kurt.  We both had steers, and now my granddaughters are following in the same footsteps.”


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4-H offers something for everyone – animal science, career and leadership development, civic engagement, creative arts, environmental science, food systems, healthy living, and STEM. To learn more about 4-H in Kendall, Kane or DuPage counties, visit


ILLINOIS 4-H is the flagship youth development program of University of Illinois Extension. 4-H grows true leaders, youth who are empowered for life today and prepared for a career tomorrow. The hands-on approach in 4-H gives young people guidance, tools, and encouragement, and then puts them in the driver’s seat to make great things happen. 

We Salute the 4-H

4H believes in nurturing responsible, caring and contributing leaders who are committed to positively impacting their communities. The four H's represent their core values: Head: managing, thinking. Heart: relating, caring. Hands: giving, working. The following businesses salute all of Kendall County 4H members and their leaders!