Yorkville Area Mask Makers

Charlotte Wyncoop and the kids with the Spanglish 4H Club and Millbrook Mighty Ones (Photos provided)

As WSPY reported on Friday, a group of 4-H’ers, leaders, parents and volunteers have come together in a short amount of time to try and help those most in need of masks during the current COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent shortage.

Char Wyncoop is a parent and one of the leaders of the Spanglish 4-H Club and Millbrook Mighty Ones. She and others saw a desperate need for face masks and tells WSPY how the Yorkville Area Mask Makers, or YAMM, came about.

Three weeks into the effort, YAMM has produced over 2,000 masks, and Wyncoop says they average about 100 masks per day. But,

Wyncoop adds, they could use more help from those will certain abilities and skills.

Because of the demand for face masks, Wyncoop says their cash and material supplies are dwindling, and have almost been exhausted.

But, she adds, they are getting some help from the community in the form of contributions.

Wyncoop says its very easy to become one their YAMM volunteers by going to their Facebook page.

Wyncoop says the Yorkville Area Mask Makers are sort of like a 4-H club that formed out of the COVID-19 crisis, encompassing the best of 4-H ideals.

We Salute the 4-H

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