About Us

WSPYNEWS.COM is owned and operated by Nelson E Media Inc. whose mailing address is 16524 Frazier Road, Plano IL 60545.


January 19, 1974, was the first broadcast day of WSPY FM 107.1. Beginning with that first day, WSPY has been committed to providing the service and information that is important to our local communities. Over the years many things have changed, but one thing has remained constant...our committment to you and to local radio. Thanks to our many listeners and advertisers, WSPY is the local leader and number one source for news and information.


WSPY FM 107.1 is the only radio station in Kendall County, Illinois where businesses are opening every month to accommodate the rapid population growth. WSPY reaches not only these people, but additionally more than two million individuals in the surrounding areas of Kendall, Kane, DeKalb and LaSalle Counties.

WSPY FM 107.1 is family owned and operated locally by Nelson Enterprises, Inc. and has been considered the only local daily source for news, sports, weather, and traffic since 1974.

WSPY FM 107.1 appeals to persons of all professional backgrounds and WSPY reaches them no matter where they are: at work, in the car, or at home. Advertising your business on WSPY radio will allow you to influence your current and prospective customers all day long where other media can not–at work and in the car. Half of all United States workers have a radio at work. Radio's in–car reach is outstanding as well, reaching more than 87% of commuters each week.